What’s allowed and what’s forbidden when we talk about washing machines

Nowadays the washing machine is not even close to be a luxury – it simply is an appliance that you cannot go without. The machine is not only washing the cloths much better than a hand wash, but also leaves you more spare time to cover other tasks at home, or just to sit and relax. Also you shouldn’t forget that when it is about large items, such as jackets, sheets or blankets, washing those by hand could easily turn into mission impossible.

When we use the washing machine, we must be aware with what is forbidden and what’s allowed to do, in order to ensure that the machine will serve us for longer.


In the washing machine you can wash all of your cloths, in case on the label it is not precisely stated that they are suitable only for hand wash.

You should wash the delicate textiles separated form the other items, preferably in a special net. You can buy such a net form every local store and supermarket and once you have started using it, you will realize how helpful it is. In such a net you can put also all of your bras, as well with tops with different decorations, such as sequins or stripes. You can also put shoes in nets when you decide to wash those in the washing machine. The net allows the items not to get in contact with the metal inside of the washing machine, during the washing process, and also minimized the possibility some small particle to stuck into the holes of the washing machine drum.


In the automatic machine you should not use, powder for hand wash. It accumulates a lot of foam, and this could cause damages of the machine motor, as it is getting overloaded and may be blocked.
Do not wash cloths and shoes in the washing machine if they are stained with machine oil. If on the fabrics there are kerosene, gasoline or other solvents stains, you should better per-treat the stain first until it comes out and then run the clothes in the washing machine.

Do not wash tops or trousers in the machine if they are having heavy metal clasp on them. The clasps might be a cause for rust appearance on the inside of the machine and also to damage the machine drum or door.

Do not overfill the machine with cloths. This will not only embarrass the work of the machine and the spinning, but may also cause more serious problems in the future.

Don’t set the centrifuge function on more than 1200 turnovers. Most commonly used speed is 600 up to 800 turnovers per minute and this speed is completely enough, in order the surplus water to be extracted from the cloths.

Before you go out and leave the washing machine work – think twice. Even the most expensive and modern equipment may go out of order. But if don’t have any fear or concerns about flow or your property any way needs some renovations to be obtained, then there wouldn’t be anything you should worry about.

Do not put your pets, kids, wife/ husband or mother-in-low, in the washing machine. For many people this might sound like a joke, but actually the warning that putting pets in the washing machine is forbidden is mandatory included in the instructions of the machine produced and sold on USA market.

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