Flowers in every room

What kind of flowers to choose for your property, depends on the space that you have available at home, and also on the spare time you can devote to the cares for your plants. Last but not least you should take into consideration your personal preferences.

When you are purchasing your very first plants, you must choose one, that is really easy to grow.

Plants suitable for the bathroom

Sometimes the bathroom appears to be the best place for growing plants. If the bathroom has window, this warm and moist premise will ensure optimal growing conditions, for the majority of tropical plants, such as the Arthurian and Кaladium. If in the bathroom there is no natural light, you can also think of ensuring an artificial light source.

Potted plants for the kitchen

The temperature and the light in the kitchen usually depend on what time of the day it is and how often do you enter the kitchen in order to cook. If the kitchen is small, you should use plants that would not grow too big. Do not place those near to the cooker or the fan extractor. Best thing to do is to place the plants on some shelf above the counter top or in hanging pots. Suitable for the kitchen are the senpoliya, asparagus, begonia, impatiens, streptokarpus, koleus, skindapsus, pepperoni, tradeskantsiya etc.

Flower for the bedroom

Most of the bedrooms are cooler than the other premises, which means that they are suitable for growing flowers that bloom in the winter, such as azaleas and cyclamen, orchids, pelargoniumi, winter jasmines etc.

Flowers for the living room

Plants that are most commonly grow in this room, because the living rooms are the premises where we spend most of our time. The flowers in the living room are exposed and are making the whole room appearance cosy and neat. Unfortunately for most of the potted plants the dry and warm air is disastrous. It will be great if you can ensure a moist source around the pots and to avoid drastic temperature fluctuations in the room.

Do not place the flowers next to the heather or the TV. Spray the leaves of the plants frequently with water, if they are hydrophilic.

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