Yard cleaning tips

During the long, cold winter, we prefer to stay in our warm and cozy house, so we often don’t pay attention to the yard. But with the beginning with the spring, we have the courage to go in the garden and we see the traces of the winter, which hasn’t gone unnoticed. If you want to completely eliminate these traces, you should carefully clean the yard and make some renovations. Let’s see the easiest way to do this.

Garden furniture is very sensitive to sunlight and moisture. That is why, after the influence of these factors, it may become grey.  Lichens on garden furniture can be removed with lemon juice or vinegar. However, recommended treatment for permanent protection of furniture is hardwood oil. Furniture made of soft wood such as pine, should first be brushed with a stiff brush.

To restore the previous luster of the rusty bars of the balcony, you should first clean the surface with a wire brush. Another recipe that also removes rust is the mixture hot water and lemon juice. But if you decide to use this method, keep in mind that the result is good, but won’t last very long. To fight rust in long term, you can apply an anticorrosive primer to rusted areas and then paint the bars with two coats of paint.

You should always treat the floor, bars and furniture with environmentally-friendly products, especially if you have small children.

If unwanted plants have appeared in your garden, the most effective way to get rid of them is to burn them. At first their number may increase slightly, but if you repeat the process several times, you will soon get rid of the problem.

Another problem in yards is the clutter there. So, you should reduce it. You need to think carefully before you keep an item, while cleaning the yard. The question that will help you throw the useless things is how often you use the item. If you rarely use it or don’t use it at all, either sell it or give it to someone else, who may need it. The less useless things around, the easier will be the process of cleaning.

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How to keep your room clean and tidy

If you, like most of the people, think that cleaning and tiding the room is an extremely boring task, which takes a lot from your free time, here are some tips for easier and quicker cleaning. Just follow the steps.

First, break habits that lead to filth. Get rid of the pile of newspapers and magazines, collecting dust in the corner. If you want to keep them, put them in a basket for magazines somewhere they can’t be seen by all.  Organize equipment and designated areas for electronics, DVDs, CD-s, etc.

Another rule is that you should limit decorations and other useless things that you keep on the side of your table or shelf equipment, to give your room a neat and well-organized look. If you have small children, keep a little basket of toys, but do not let this become the main playroom. Then, arrange the books in the library and leave some extra space for family photo albums.

The secret is hidden is the maintenance of the room. A little cleaning once a week will save you the big one at the end of the month. Regularly clean the dust which is accumulated on shelves, desk, table and other dusty surfaces. Then, don’t forget to vacuum and sweep the floor. Also, it is important to regularly wash the sheets and clean the windows.

Before you go to bed, take aside a few minutes to pick up any dirty clothing and make sure your room looks at least decent before you settle into bed.

We guarantee that these rules will be very helpful for the maintenance of your room. But if you still think that keeping it clean is an impossible task, even having in mind our tips, perhaps your system of organization needs an improvement. Sometimes rethinking the way you organize and store things can do wonders.


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Why is cleanliness so important

Hygiene is of great importance in every home, especially in those with small children or people with allergies.

All parents are worried about the health of their own children. That is why, they are often concerned whether the house will be clean enough, as in that way allergies and other health problems could be avoided. Dust is a major issue. Therefore, all floors regardless of whether they are wooden, tiled, or carpeted should be always mopped or vacuumed. And having in mind the high level of air pollution the cleanliness of our homes is of great importance, because bacteria multiply quite easily.

Children usually have the habit of playing on the floor. Of course, we don’t want our children to sit in dusty and dirty places. So, remember it is a big mistake to wear your outside shoes at home if you want to avoid tracking in mud, gum and germs.  For the same reason, kitchen should be kept clean all the time and the dishes always carefully washed.

Bathroom is another area that should be always clean and should have great hygiene. The toilet needs to be clean and fresh. Like the other rooms, it should be aired by opening the window on a daily basis.

Pay attention that every time someone turns on the tap to wash their hands, there are germs on the handles. Keeping the taps and sinks clean and wiped down is much healthier and nicer to see.

Another reason why home should be kept in a good condition is the positive feelings a clean and tidy home produces. It is far more pleasant to wake up in the morning and see a clean kitchen, rather than one, full of dirty pots and stinky frying pans. When we go into the bathroom to get ready for the day, it is more pleasant to know that we are washing in a clean area. In this way, we start our day fresh, without feeling overloaded before we even begin.


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Six things you have to clean right now

At the end of our regular cleaning, feeling tired and bored, we often say “I will do it next time”. So, sooner or later, comes a time to keep our promise and pay attention to what is not done. Here is a list of some places we might miss while cleaning.

Greasy grill

One of them is a greasy grill. It is one of the most unpleasant things for cleaning and we often leave it for the next time. But it has to be done, so remove the grill, apply a cleaner, and leave for fifteen minutes until dissolved fat is burnt. After that, scrub it and it will become shining.

Microwave oven

Another thing we often miss or forget to clean is the microwave oven inside. Usually, each time we have used the microwave, we look away in disgust at how dirty it has become. But stay calm, here you can read an easy recipe how to make it clean again in no time. First, heat the microwave for about 2-3 minutes. After that, place inside a sponge or towel which you have previously wet with water and vinegar and close the microwave again. After a while open the door, put rubber gloves on and wipe the inside of the microwave with the sponge or the towel.

Television screen

While we have no trouble remembering to wipe down mirrors and windows, the actual TV screen is something we sometimes forget about. Remove the dust and make the screen sparkle again, using a damp cloth only.


Don’t forget the books. Dust accumulates at lighting speed, especially on the top edges of the pages. Tightly close the book and vacuum with an extension or use a duster to get rid of the dust.

 Door locks

Even though we may never see the dirt and grime that accumulates on a door lock, it’s still there. And once we clean it, it’s likely not to notice a difference–but it just feels like good feng shui to give them a wipe down.

If there are shifting piles of annoying items in your closet, it’s time to take serious measures. Pull all this mountain of things out of the closet, classify and spread them neatly on the shelves. Throw away the useless things.

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Of Mice And Men

Every mention of rats and rodents usually brings bad images to our mind and a feeling of displeasure and disgust. But when it comes to keeping our home free of such forms of life, we have to take the issue into firm hands, so that we don’t have to face a small army of rodents, threatening to invade our own sacred territory. If lead wisely, this could be kept from becoming a war, by keeping it casual (like, ‘you stay outta here, we’re good’) with the four-footed guys.

  • Do not panic. Don’t think it’s only you who has a problem dealing with pests. Don’t be ashamed to look for a helping hand. You may be surprised how many people have had the same problem and have gotten over it.
  • Don’t provide mice with shelter. Keep in mind that rodents like to hide. They don’t like to be exposed, so you can keep them away by cutting and trimming the bushes in your lawn, as well as leaving a gap between tree branches and your roof and between the lowest branches and the ground.
  • Inspect your house exterior for holes. Close any entry points, using steel, wool, cloth, lime, etc.
  • Don’t forget to seal the trash cans!
  • Never leave food products out for a long time, always put them in a container. Dispose of any food remains in time.
  • Try using cloths soaked with pepper mint oil, putting them all around the place, both inside and outside.
  • If you have tried all of these and you still have problems keeping rodents away, you can look for some professional help, calling a pest control team.
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How to clean without chemicals


The most frugal and healthy way to make your home clean is to use only natural products. By doing this, you will avoid using toxic and polluting substances, which are too expensive and extremely unhealthy. Actually, the easiest way is to clean with what looks to you like cooking ingredients. See how.



The acidic compound found in white vinegar is a perfect grease and lime dissolution which works well on ceramic or metal even surfaces. Its nature makes it also suitable for hardwood floors. All you need is to mix equal parts of water and vinegar and you have a solution that will clean most areas of your home. Vinegar is a great natural cleaning product as well as a disinfectant and deodorizer. Spray directly on the stain and after several minutes clean it with a brush or sponge, using warm soapy water.


Lemon juice

Lemon juice cleans all kinds of moldy hard surfaces and makes the treated areas fresh and sleek. Lemon is a great substance to clean and shine brass and copper. You should make a mixture of lemon juice and vinegar or baking soda in order to prepare the cleaning pastes. Cut a lemon in half and sprinkle baking soda on the cut section of the lemon. Use the lemon to scrub dishes, surfaces, and stains. Be aware that lemon juice can act also as natural bleach.

Baking soda

It is a non-abrasive cleaner, removes grease, grime. Greasy spots on the washable kitchen wallpaper can be cleaned with baking soda paste. Mix a quarter cup of baking soda with a little water. Wipe dirt making a circular motion with a soft cloth. It also could be used to scrub surfaces. It is great as a deodorizer as well – kills the unpleasant smell. You can put a box of baking soda in the fridge and the freezer to absorb the odors there.



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How to choose a cleaning company?

We should be very careful when we choose a cleaning company. It is important not to be naïve and trust every company we hear about.

First, you carefully read the information on their webpage, paying attention to detail. In this way, you will find out the variety of services they suggest. Also, read carefully the pricelist, so as to be sure that you can afford it. It would be useful to read customer reveals as well. Find more information about the employees and their previous experience. Or find out, whether the workers have done special training courses or advanced training.

Keep in mind that in good companies the services are not limited to daily and general cleaning, washing windows. It can also be cleaned after renovation, fire, taken care of upholstered furniture, carpets, etc. Specify  what is the equipment that uses the firm.

It is also important to find out whether you’ll have to pay additionally pay for a comprehensive assessment of the premises – in fact, first employee of the firm must assess the “size of the disaster”: the clutter, the degree of contamination, areas of possible operation time depends on the cost of services. Be sure to negotiate the total volume of work and require a technological map, where is recorded the full range of services and negotiated the price for them. Sign a contract for services or ask for credit slip or cashier’s check for payment so that you can make a claim.

It is useful to know that the cleaning of apartment complex typically includes:
• Dry cleaning of floor coverings and upholstery cleaning;
• Wet cleaning of floors;
• cleaning of kitchen tiles;
• removal of dirt from the walls, fixtures, floor coverings, office equipment, etc.;
• disinfection of toilets and bathrooms;
• Cleaning glass and polishing surfaces.


Good luck with your choice!

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How to Keep Your Bathroom Clean

Home cleaning is an important part of our daily routine. Bathrooms have special place in our life for obvious reasons- we bathe there, brush our teeth and so on. That is the reason why, a bathroom is a place that needs a lot of maintenance and cleaning. It has direct contact with water, moisture and chemicals. So, like the kitchen, it should be cleaned regularly to avoid having to clean it for hours, trying to remove dirt and overlays. Besides all this, regular care prevents the appearance of harmful molds and microbes, and thereby helps providing a healthy environment for you and your family.

But in fact, bathroom seems to be a place nobody fancies cleaning. Don’t worry – there is a strategy that helps you to keep it clean with a minimal amount of effort and time.

As the simplest technique for maintaining the cleanliness of the bathroom is rooted in consistency – instead of spending hours every week to clean it, create a habit to spend one minute a day after bathing to wipe with a towel bath and shower battery. This will remove dirty suds and surplus of hard water and reduce lime deposits. It will also save and the use of aggressive abrasives that can damage the lining.

After you have taken a shower, do not pull away the curtain and let it become dry. Otherwise, there is a risk of accumulation of dirt and mold.

Keep in mind that good ventilation is a major factor in the fight against mold. If you have a window in the bathroom don’t forget to leave it open after bathing for a while- this will provide the room with light and fresh air ,by  reducing the amount of excess moisture. If you do not have a window you can use in-wall ventilation systems or special equipment.

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That Endless Tug Of War

Seven myths proven right about the End of Tenancy (Tenants POV):

  • Whatever disagreement you may have with the landlord, patience and detailed explanation are NOT about to clear the air;
  • You can swear that the strange red wine spot, the one over the carpet in the middle of the living room, was right there when you first moved in;
  • At some point Landlords versus Tenants starts to sound a lot like Cowboys versus Aliens;
  • On certain occasions, you start thinking End Of Tenancy is just a preface to End Of The World;
  • Okay, do they really expect you to wash the upholstery?. ;
  • Once you reach the kitchen, you will hardly have the courage to move on to the bathroom;
  • That deposit you were hoping to get back, the one you signed for when you first landed your foot in this apartment, starts to resemble a treasure hunt more and more with each passing minute;


Seven myths proven right about the End Of Tenancy (Landlords POV):

  • A tenant never treats your property like their own;
  • Once a tenant touches something in your place, it gets stained/torn/shattered to pieces/bursting in flames;
  • A tenant has always something to hide: in the closet/under the sofa/over the upper shelf/under the doormat/in the sanitary ware;
  • A tenant is ready to do almost anything in order to get their deposit back;
  • Those taps in the bathroom used to be shiny when you first let the tenant in;
  • Whatever disagreement you may have with the tenants, patience and detailed explanation are NOT about to clear the air;
  • A hundred percent sure, that red wine spot over the carpet in the middle of the living room was NOT there when the tenant first moved in;

A Tip How To Avoid The Tug Of War:

  • call a professional End Of Tenancy Cleaning Service.


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