Yard cleaning tips

During the long, cold winter, we prefer to stay in our warm and cozy house, so we often don’t pay attention to the yard. But with the beginning with the spring, we have the courage to go in the garden and we see the traces of the winter, which hasn’t gone unnoticed. If you want to completely eliminate these traces, you should carefully clean the yard and make some renovations. Let’s see the easiest way to do this.

Garden furniture is very sensitive to sunlight and moisture. That is why, after the influence of these factors, it may become grey.  Lichens on garden furniture can be removed with lemon juice or vinegar. However, recommended treatment for permanent protection of furniture is hardwood oil. Furniture made of soft wood such as pine, should first be brushed with a stiff brush.

To restore the previous luster of the rusty bars of the balcony, you should first clean the surface with a wire brush. Another recipe that also removes rust is the mixture hot water and lemon juice. But if you decide to use this method, keep in mind that the result is good, but won’t last very long. To fight rust in long term, you can apply an anticorrosive primer to rusted areas and then paint the bars with two coats of paint.

You should always treat the floor, bars and furniture with environmentally-friendly products, especially if you have small children.

If unwanted plants have appeared in your garden, the most effective way to get rid of them is to burn them. At first their number may increase slightly, but if you repeat the process several times, you will soon get rid of the problem.

Another problem in yards is the clutter there. So, you should reduce it. You need to think carefully before you keep an item, while cleaning the yard. The question that will help you throw the useless things is how often you use the item. If you rarely use it or don’t use it at all, either sell it or give it to someone else, who may need it. The less useless things around, the easier will be the process of cleaning.

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