Why is cleanliness so important

Hygiene is of great importance in every home, especially in those with small children or people with allergies.

All parents are worried about the health of their own children. That is why, they are often concerned whether the house will be clean enough, as in that way allergies and other health problems could be avoided. Dust is a major issue. Therefore, all floors regardless of whether they are wooden, tiled, or carpeted should be always mopped or vacuumed. And having in mind the high level of air pollution the cleanliness of our homes is of great importance, because bacteria multiply quite easily.

Children usually have the habit of playing on the floor. Of course, we don’t want our children to sit in dusty and dirty places. So, remember it is a big mistake to wear your outside shoes at home if you want to avoid tracking in mud, gum and germs.  For the same reason, kitchen should be kept clean all the time and the dishes always carefully washed.

Bathroom is another area that should be always clean and should have great hygiene. The toilet needs to be clean and fresh. Like the other rooms, it should be aired by opening the window on a daily basis.

Pay attention that every time someone turns on the tap to wash their hands, there are germs on the handles. Keeping the taps and sinks clean and wiped down is much healthier and nicer to see.

Another reason why home should be kept in a good condition is the positive feelings a clean and tidy home produces. It is far more pleasant to wake up in the morning and see a clean kitchen, rather than one, full of dirty pots and stinky frying pans. When we go into the bathroom to get ready for the day, it is more pleasant to know that we are washing in a clean area. In this way, we start our day fresh, without feeling overloaded before we even begin.


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