What to do if a mould appears in the property

The best prevention against mould is the good ventilation!

Do not panic if you note that there are some black marks on your walls. The is not harmless, but yet there is not need to turn it into a tragedy. In most of the cases, the reason for the marks is a mould that has started growing on the surfaces, which can actually be easily removed.

Generally the first thing to do is to find out what is the reason for the mould appearance. Most commonly the mould is caused by unobstructed joints in construction. A moist from outside can easily go into the gaps and within the time this moist is becoming a reason for mould appearance.

In any case, before you start treating the mould you must figure out the reasons for its appearance, and the best thing to do is to look for a professional assistance.

If any way if the reason for the mould are the unobstructed joints, you may also try to proceed by yourself by filling them in. The easiest way to do it is with some silicon. The other option is to mix glue and mastic and to fill the gaps in with the substance. Once the gaps are filled, you may start with removing the mould. The best solution for this purpose is to buy a professional detergent for mould removal from your local store. There are variety of brands on the market, but more or less they all have the same effect. Usually the affected areas must be per-sprayed from 10-15 cm distance and then must be left for about 15 minutes to dry. Before applying the detergent, the mould should be wiped away with a microfiber towel. The mould removal detergents usually smell like bleach, so you must keep this in mind, before per-spraying with them the surfaces. If the surfaces are too affected, you many need to repeat the procedure in a while. Because of the bleach content, it is recommendable, when using professional detergents on your own, to put thick rubber gloves on, as well with some protective goggles and mask for your nose and mouth. Also the premise must be very well ventilated upon completion of the treatment.

In a conclusion, we can summaries, that the mould clean goes trough 3 main steps:
1. Moisture sourse must be identified and removed, otherwise the fungal growth will continue.
2. Reduce the dust level in the premises. Before starting with the cleaning, you must clean well the dust, as it helps the fungal spores to be spread.
3. Cleaning the mould. If the surface is dry, you should wet it slightly. This is how the spored will not be spread. You should use a good detergent in order to make sure that the spores are fully removed, as they can usually stay latend for months and even years, before start growing and multiplying again.

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