Speed up bathroom clean – all in 1 minute

The bath is the place where most cleaning attention must be paid, due to the fact that it is a humid place, which is easily turning into a hostile environment for bacteria and mould. This is why that in order to ensure safer environment for yourself and your family – a regular cleaning is required.

Cleaning the bathroom in just 1 minute!

The most efficient technique for having a clean bathroom is the regular care. Instead of spending half an hour weekly for cleaning the bath, you must gain the habit of spending 1 minute, every time after you have taken a shower to maintain it. You can start with wiping the bath, the sinks and tabs with a clean and dry towel. This will remove the dirty soap leftovers and the water drops and will minimize the limescale accumulation. This will save you the usage of aggressive abrasive detergent, that may damage and scratch the surface. When you finish with the shower, you should leave the shower curtain spread, in order to leave it dry well. If you pull it and leave it clustered in the corner, the moisture will remain in the folds, causing appearance of unpleasant smells and mould. If there is a shower cabin, after refreshing yourself, you could wipe the glasses over with a window cleaner with a rubber tip. All of this, as well with the regular ventilation and airing of the bathroom, will help you minimize the moisture in the bathroom, as well with the unpleasant odours and the mildew.
The above mentioned tips are aiming to avoid the appearance of mould and fungus, however if there is already such in your bathroom, you should consider the usage of specialized detergents.
Due to the fact that the fugues between the tiles are porous, they absorb the grease from the soap and the and cosmetics, this increases the accumulation of mildew, which can be cleaned with the a solution of 10/1 water and bleach, or with the usage of specialized detergents for mould removal.
Once in every one or two months you must also clean the tubes in your bathroom with a special detergents, in order to avoid blockages and deposits of grime and hairs. Meanwhile you can use homemade cleaning solutions for a regular maintenance – poor in the tube half a glass of baking soda and straight after, poor in half a glass of vinegar. The solution will become foamy and will need to remain unwashed for few minutes. Then you can rinse it with few glasses of hot water.
If some of the holes of your shower head are blocked, this quite probably means that there is some lime scale, that has blocked them. You can clean the shower head with white vinegar – fill in a plastic bag with a bit of vinegar and tide it up around the shower head, in such a way, so it will be soaked in the liquid. Let it soak for the overnight and then in the morning, scrub it with a hard brush and rinse with water.

Take care of the health of your kids, by a regular clean of their bath toys – you can put them soak in a solution, prepared of 1 glass of vinegar, pour in 4 litres of water and let the toys soak in the solution for at least 10 minutes. Then you can clean them with a sponge and leave them dry in the sun. The acid is considered as a natural disinfectant.

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