Quick, efficient and cheap tips for a Spring Cleaning

Hey, girls, after the long winter the spring is almost by the door and no matter how exhausting and annoying it usually is, spring brings not only an enjoyment and new life, but also the need for a major cleaning project of your home to be undertaken.

Of course the spring cleaning is always related to majority of tasks, such as window cleaning, dusting, cleaning ledges and skirting boards, wiping all the cupboards and the top of the as well, washing all the tiles in the bathroom, polishing the sanitary ware. All this might seam like a nightmare to you, but there are some great tips, that will help you to make your home shine from top to bottom.

You can bring new life to your sleeping and decorative pillows!

All you need to do is to prepare them a nice bath with cool water and some gentle detergent. Then you must soak the pillows into the bath and step in yourself. You can wash them by treading them with your feet, same way you’ve probably seen on the TV, the young and beautiful vintages are treading juicy grapes, before leaving it ferment. This way washing of your pillow will become not only really effective, but also funny and you wouldn’t consider the spring cleaning as an annoying must.

Once the pillows are well washed, you can use the same technique to rinse them out, just this time the bath must be filled with clear warm water. Use your washing machine to centrifuge the pillows and to fasten the drying. After that you should leave them wither, preferably in the sun.

Maintain the windows and glass made surfaces

No matter where you live and how often you do clean and dust your home, usually it takes about a week time for the glassy surfaces to become dusty again. Layering of dust, puffs and other tiny particles on the glass can be if not prevented, at least reduced by adding a tea spoon fabric softener to 1 litre of warm water and wipe over the surfaces with a cloth per-sprayed with the received liquid. This will not only clean the surfaces, but will also reduce the static electricity, which will prevent the piling of dust and dirt.

Perfect cutlery

In order to bring back the shininess of your cutlery, you can put on a piece of a domestic cooking foil and a tea spoon of backing soda in a plastic basin or a bucket. Put the cutlery in in a way that every item must be in a contact with the foil. Purr in boiling water and wait for about 15 minutes.

After that take the cutlery out and rinse it. You could also polish if you consider it as needed.

Refreshing the gardening furniture

This cleaning trick actually refers to all of the plastic furniture, that are used on balconies, porches or gardens.

The answer for their perfect cleanness and whiteness is .. toothpaste!

Squeeze some whitening toothpaste on a brush and scrub hard. After that you must wipe the surface over with a soft piece of cloth.

Cleaning a chandelier

For the spring cleaning of your chandeliers, you would need some spectacles, piece of cloth for cleaning the dust (recommendable is to be a wool material), umbrella and a chair or a stepper. Always make sure that the electricity is switched off before starting with the cleaning. Apart form the equipment listed below you must make yourself available a sprayer bottle, filled with equal amount of vinegar and water; have on site also plastic bags and slings.
First you would need to wipe over the chandelier, as good as possible, preferably with woollen piece of cloth. Before you start with the cleaning you must cover all of the sockets with plastic bags and tight them up with a sling in order to avoid liquid to get into the electricity system and cause some damage in it. Hang the umbrella with the handle upsides for one of the parts of the chandelier. Then you can give a good spray to all the glass parts, with the previously prepared mixture of vinegar and water. The umbrella will prevent the dirty water to flow down to the floor.

Removing stains form the wall papers

In order to remove stains form your wallpapers, you can try to apply a very old and tested trick – to rub the paper with a piece of white bred. This will remove the light spots and also some of the other dirty patches that you have considered would never be possible to be removed.

How to amend scratches form a wooden table

Crack a nut and rub the kernel over the scratches – you will be amazes how the damages are disappearing right in front of your eyes. It will be a pure house hold magics that will give your wooden surfaces a renewed and shiny outlook.

How to remove the stubborn grace form your stove and microwave

Put in a bowl with half water and half lemon, to boil into the stove/ microwave. The lemon steam will moisturize the grease and will neutralize the smells. After that you can wipe the inside over with a moist piece of cloth.

Once all the steps of the cleaning are followed, you will be able to take a deep breath, sit and enjoy your freshly smelling, clean and neat spring home.

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