Its time for Spring Eastern Cleaning!

When the spring is knocking on the door, weather gets warmer and all the nice positive feelings start feeling up our hears and minds, there is always one unpleasant thought to crawl into every housewives mind – it is time for a major cleaning!

Especially when the spring holidays, such as Eastern are near, we do realize that the need for a good clean of our homes is essential – after all we can not welcome all the relatives and guests who will come round, in an untidy home. Of course, everybody, despite of the season is applying a general wipe over of the property, but we all know that in the winter we are all becoming a bit lazier, a bit more melancholic, and this is why some of the major cleaning tasks are getting neglected. Also the winder is related with longer hours spent at home, so there for more opportunities for a mess!

When the weather gets warmer, it is the time for us to pull our sleeves up and to fix this. Usually the Eastern spring cleaning is related with many cleaning tasks to be obtained and attention to be paid to every detail and every little corner.

There is just an exemplary list of what should got through the hands of a diligent housewife:

  • all of the windows and the window sills;
  • the cupboards in the kitchen and the living room (and don’t forget to clean also the top of them);
  • the wardrobes would require tidy up and throwing out of the useless cloths and shoes (you can also give those away for charity);
  • carpets, rugs and curtains washing and cleaning, cleaning of the Venetian blinds piece by piece with a cloth and detergent;
  • washing of all the winter cloths and shoes, before putting them away;
  • preparing packages with cloths and items, that you wound need to throw away or you would like give for charity to home for abandoned children or elderly homes;
  • sorting out brochures, newspapers and arranging all the documents and warranty cards in neat folders and binders;
  • checking all the kitchen cupboards for spices, cans and other food products with expired dates;
  • cleaning of all the kitchen appliances – including the fridge, freezer, cooker, the oven, microwave and washing machine;
  • and once it is all done – you can also put some fresh flowers on the shelves and put on some Eastern decoration in order to gain some jolly mood at your freshly cleaned home.

We can offer you few small tricks that you can put into action, in order to minimize the stress form the spring cleaning. First you should get psychically prepared for it. Put on some comfortable cloths on and play your favourite CD. Don’t spend the whole day cleaning – plan to have at least 2 hours spare time to take a walk outside.

Insist to get some help from your family members. Do not overwork unnecessarily. If needed, make yourself a cleaning plan in order to separate the amount of work in few days. You can also ask for cooperation form you girl friends or neighbour housewife for the cleaning and the of course you can return the favour. You will realize that the cleaning with a company is much easier and enjoyable.

We wish you good luck with the Eastern Cleaning!

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