How to clean up your iron

Even the most experiences housewives may happen to leave their iron slightly neglected. It might be because in our everyday we are usually always in a hurry, or just because of some inattention. Even the steam irons, that are having a self-clean function, might get some dark staining on their plate. We can offer you few easy and useful tricks, in order to clean successfully the plates of your iron, without scratching or damaging it.

For stains that are dried and layered, and also form a hard character, you must heat the iron up to its highest temperature and then use it for ironing a piece of a newspaper. Sweep the iron until the iron gets clean.

If the stains are not that old, you can use an ammonia solution and a small piece of cloth. Wipe carefully the surface with the solution and once the stains are removed, you should rinse the surface with a clean cloth and water.

Vinegar is also a cheap and efficient way for cleaning metal surfaces, such as the iron plates. You can use the vinegar in order to replace the the usage of the ammonium. If this doesn’t give the desirable results, you can apply some backing soda on a cotton rag and scrub carefully with it. You should pay special attention on this cleaning technique, and to beware not damaging the iron by scratching the surface.

In order to clean the water tank, you can prepare a solution of equal parts vinegar and water. Pour it in to the tank and switch the iron on on a “steam mode”. Leave it function for about 3-4 minutes. The remaining liquid you can pour out. Before starting to use the iron as intended, pour in clean water and leave the steam work again for a few minutes, in order any vinegar leftovers to be cleaned and removed form the iron.

Last but not least, every experienced housewife must always read carefully the instructions, before starting to use the iron, as they are the best prevention against any stains and damages of the iron, and of course the adequate and correct usage of the iron will undoubtedly prolongs its life.

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