St. Valentine’s Ideas for Romance at Home

St. Valentine’s is knocking on the door and if the romantic trip is just a dream, and making surprises is not your strength site, there are still ways to make your day special. You can create a romantic and loving atmosphere at home, with the help of our ideas.

If right at this moment you cannot afford a trip to a dreamed destination, this should not be considered as something that should stop you. In order to make an unforgettable Valentine’s surprise, you can choose a country your partner was always eager to visit and to re-create its atmosphere in some of the rooms at home – make some decorations, cook a delicious dish, typical for the country, play some traditional music. You can also try to dress up yourself in some traditional costume, representing the country – it shouldn’t completely match, but just to reminds on the culture, you are trying to represent. For example if you would like to re-create a desert island you can put a bathing suite and a pareo on, or if you would like to re-create some of the counties in Africa, you should properly seek for a cloth with animal print on.

But even if you are too much of an enthusiast about being on a romantic trip, you could just be more traditional and yet romantic. Just follow the simple rule for Valentine’s – everything made with love is appropriate. First you can clean well the property, or if you don’t have the time to spend just before the holiday, you can make yourself the small and practical gift of hiring a professional comapny to put your property in order.
Then once it is all shiny and neat, you can put a bottle of wine to cool down, cut in different slices fruits and prepare a cheece plate. Don’t miss to play a romantic music on and light as much candles as possible. You can also decorate the home with many souveniers and flowers, some cute valentine cards and everything else that you have on site and will match the love theme. This will guarantee you a trilling night, esesially if it is shared with the right person.

And never even bother yourself with thinking about who duty is to prepare the romantic surprise for the St. Valentine’s! The women have been always more creative in figuring out and also in the realization of the romantic gestures. Men.. well they are just men.

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4 Cleaning tips that you’ve never heard before

How to clean our home quick, efficient and for less money

Listed below you would be able to find some of the easiest tips for maintaining your property in a spotless condition. They are at the same time easy, quick and no time consuming:

1. The best way to clean your blinds, if of course they are wooden or plastic , is to shut them closed and then to wipe them with dry cloth upside down and then back wards. This is how you will build up an antistatic barrier, that will prevent the dust of piling all over again. At least for some certain time period.

2. If you would like to clean glass vases, cups or mirrors, you should use a coffee filter, instead of a paper tissue or a towel. The coffee filter is at first place cheaper, and also it doesn’t leave any marks, streaks or the annoying lints to be cleaned.

3. Using a moist pumice, will help you clean quicker and easier the grease and grime form your oven, stove or microwave. This cleaning technique is much more effective than any detergent you would be able to find on the market.

4. In order to clean the microwave without the usage of the pumice, or any detergent, you can simply put a glass of water, mixed with baking soda into the microwave and turn in on on a time duration and temperature, that according to the specifics of your microwave will be sufficient for the water to start boiling. The soda is removing all kind of bad smells and after you have per-treated the inside of the microwave with this natural cleaning solution, it will appear to be much easier for you to remove the outstanding grime from your the walls and the top of your stove.

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Flowers in every room

What kind of flowers to choose for your property, depends on the space that you have available at home, and also on the spare time you can devote to the cares for your plants. Last but not least you should take into consideration your personal preferences.

When you are purchasing your very first plants, you must choose one, that is really easy to grow.

Plants suitable for the bathroom

Sometimes the bathroom appears to be the best place for growing plants. If the bathroom has window, this warm and moist premise will ensure optimal growing conditions, for the majority of tropical plants, such as the Arthurian and Кaladium. If in the bathroom there is no natural light, you can also think of ensuring an artificial light source.

Potted plants for the kitchen

The temperature and the light in the kitchen usually depend on what time of the day it is and how often do you enter the kitchen in order to cook. If the kitchen is small, you should use plants that would not grow too big. Do not place those near to the cooker or the fan extractor. Best thing to do is to place the plants on some shelf above the counter top or in hanging pots. Suitable for the kitchen are the senpoliya, asparagus, begonia, impatiens, streptokarpus, koleus, skindapsus, pepperoni, tradeskantsiya etc.

Flower for the bedroom

Most of the bedrooms are cooler than the other premises, which means that they are suitable for growing flowers that bloom in the winter, such as azaleas and cyclamen, orchids, pelargoniumi, winter jasmines etc.

Flowers for the living room

Plants that are most commonly grow in this room, because the living rooms are the premises where we spend most of our time. The flowers in the living room are exposed and are making the whole room appearance cosy and neat. Unfortunately for most of the potted plants the dry and warm air is disastrous. It will be great if you can ensure a moist source around the pots and to avoid drastic temperature fluctuations in the room.

Do not place the flowers next to the heather or the TV. Spray the leaves of the plants frequently with water, if they are hydrophilic.

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How to decode the lables on our cloths

How many times you have tyred unsuccessfully to tyred decode the symbols on your cloth labels? And how many times you’ve happened to damage your cloths or you have washed them in a wrong way because of misunderstanding what’s noted on the label?
We can teach you how to treat your cloths in the correct manner and keep them looking nice and beautiful for longer. Especially when it is about some handmade cloths with certain material specifics, treating them right is of an extreme importance.

The label

The label is like a personal ID for every item, because it is prove of an origin, and also gives you more detailed information regarding the content of the product and instructions regarding the correct use.

Product use

Indications for use of the product are meant to help you choose the most appropriate procedures, in order a proper care of the selected product to be applied. Usually the dry cleaning is a specialized cleaning technique, applied only by professionals, due to the fact that the cloths are getting per-treated with special chemical solutions and professional detergents. You should keep in mind that if the product needs to be dry cleaned only, this will be clearly stated on the label. Usually the labels of the fabrics, involve four main symbols: for washing, bleaching, drying and ironing.

In order our favourite piece of cloth to look as stunning as when we bought it for longer, and its life to be prolonged in general, we must not only learn how to understand the symbols noted on the label of the cloths, but also to pay attention on them and also to respect them.

Below you can find your guide in the secret world of the label symbols.

Washing instructions


1. Suitable for washing in a washing machine.

2. This is a delicate material, and the washing machine must be set on the relevant mode.

3. The cloths must be washed on the temperature, assigned on the label. If there is no digit, showing the exact temperature, but just dots – you should keep in mind that one dot refers to 30 degrees, and four dots are for temperature up to 60 degrease Celsius.

4. This symbol shows that washing is not recommendable and in this case you must go for dry cleaning only.

5. The symbol defines that the textile must be hand washed only.

Dry Cleaning Instructions


1. The cloths must be dry cleaned only – no washing is allowed.

2. By the dry cleaning all kind of chemicals are allowed.

3. The material can be cleaned with perchlorethylene, R11, R113.

4. The material can be cleaned with kerosene only, R113.

5. The material of the cloths of cloths does not allows a chemical treatment.

Bleaching instructions



1. You can bleach the cloth with bleaching solutions.

2. You can use the bleaching solutions, which are chlorine based.

3. If you would need bleaching, you should use only non-chlorine ingredient products.

4. This symbol warns you that bleaching is not recommendable.

Ironing instructions

1. You can bleach the cloth with bleaching solutions.

2. You can use the bleaching solutions, which are chlorine based.

3. If you would need bleaching, you should use only non-chlorine ingredient products.

4. This symbol warns you that bleaching is not recommendable.

Ironing instructions


1. The shows that you can iron the cloth both with and without steam.

2. The cloth is made of a material that allows you to iron it on a temperature up to 110 degrease Celsius (for example acrylic, nylon, etc.)

3. The temperature of ironing must be ironed up to 150 degrease (for example polyester, wool)

4. Ironing is not recommendable.

5. Steam ironing is not recommendable. Dry ironing, on the assigned temperature is allowed.

Drying instructions


1. You can dry the cloth in the sun.

2. In order to dry, the cloth must be laid on the flat, horizontal surface.

3. Put the cloth dry, without squeezing it in advance.

4. Cloth can be dried on a dryer, both in or outdoors.

5. The cloth is suitable for drying in a drying machine.

6. The cloth can be dried in a machine on a low temperature.

7. The cloth can be dried in a machine on a high temperature.

8. Cloth is not suitable for drying in a drying machine.

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What’s allowed and what’s forbidden when we talk about washing machines

Nowadays the washing machine is not even close to be a luxury – it simply is an appliance that you cannot go without. The machine is not only washing the cloths much better than a hand wash, but also leaves you more spare time to cover other tasks at home, or just to sit and relax. Also you shouldn’t forget that when it is about large items, such as jackets, sheets or blankets, washing those by hand could easily turn into mission impossible.

When we use the washing machine, we must be aware with what is forbidden and what’s allowed to do, in order to ensure that the machine will serve us for longer.


In the washing machine you can wash all of your cloths, in case on the label it is not precisely stated that they are suitable only for hand wash.

You should wash the delicate textiles separated form the other items, preferably in a special net. You can buy such a net form every local store and supermarket and once you have started using it, you will realize how helpful it is. In such a net you can put also all of your bras, as well with tops with different decorations, such as sequins or stripes. You can also put shoes in nets when you decide to wash those in the washing machine. The net allows the items not to get in contact with the metal inside of the washing machine, during the washing process, and also minimized the possibility some small particle to stuck into the holes of the washing machine drum.


In the automatic machine you should not use, powder for hand wash. It accumulates a lot of foam, and this could cause damages of the machine motor, as it is getting overloaded and may be blocked.
Do not wash cloths and shoes in the washing machine if they are stained with machine oil. If on the fabrics there are kerosene, gasoline or other solvents stains, you should better per-treat the stain first until it comes out and then run the clothes in the washing machine.

Do not wash tops or trousers in the machine if they are having heavy metal clasp on them. The clasps might be a cause for rust appearance on the inside of the machine and also to damage the machine drum or door.

Do not overfill the machine with cloths. This will not only embarrass the work of the machine and the spinning, but may also cause more serious problems in the future.

Don’t set the centrifuge function on more than 1200 turnovers. Most commonly used speed is 600 up to 800 turnovers per minute and this speed is completely enough, in order the surplus water to be extracted from the cloths.

Before you go out and leave the washing machine work – think twice. Even the most expensive and modern equipment may go out of order. But if don’t have any fear or concerns about flow or your property any way needs some renovations to be obtained, then there wouldn’t be anything you should worry about.

Do not put your pets, kids, wife/ husband or mother-in-low, in the washing machine. For many people this might sound like a joke, but actually the warning that putting pets in the washing machine is forbidden is mandatory included in the instructions of the machine produced and sold on USA market.

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Its time for Spring Eastern Cleaning!

When the spring is knocking on the door, weather gets warmer and all the nice positive feelings start feeling up our hears and minds, there is always one unpleasant thought to crawl into every housewives mind – it is time for a major cleaning!

Especially when the spring holidays, such as Eastern are near, we do realize that the need for a good clean of our homes is essential – after all we can not welcome all the relatives and guests who will come round, in an untidy home. Of course, everybody, despite of the season is applying a general wipe over of the property, but we all know that in the winter we are all becoming a bit lazier, a bit more melancholic, and this is why some of the major cleaning tasks are getting neglected. Also the winder is related with longer hours spent at home, so there for more opportunities for a mess!

When the weather gets warmer, it is the time for us to pull our sleeves up and to fix this. Usually the Eastern spring cleaning is related with many cleaning tasks to be obtained and attention to be paid to every detail and every little corner.

There is just an exemplary list of what should got through the hands of a diligent housewife:

  • all of the windows and the window sills;
  • the cupboards in the kitchen and the living room (and don’t forget to clean also the top of them);
  • the wardrobes would require tidy up and throwing out of the useless cloths and shoes (you can also give those away for charity);
  • carpets, rugs and curtains washing and cleaning, cleaning of the Venetian blinds piece by piece with a cloth and detergent;
  • washing of all the winter cloths and shoes, before putting them away;
  • preparing packages with cloths and items, that you wound need to throw away or you would like give for charity to home for abandoned children or elderly homes;
  • sorting out brochures, newspapers and arranging all the documents and warranty cards in neat folders and binders;
  • checking all the kitchen cupboards for spices, cans and other food products with expired dates;
  • cleaning of all the kitchen appliances – including the fridge, freezer, cooker, the oven, microwave and washing machine;
  • and once it is all done – you can also put some fresh flowers on the shelves and put on some Eastern decoration in order to gain some jolly mood at your freshly cleaned home.

We can offer you few small tricks that you can put into action, in order to minimize the stress form the spring cleaning. First you should get psychically prepared for it. Put on some comfortable cloths on and play your favourite CD. Don’t spend the whole day cleaning – plan to have at least 2 hours spare time to take a walk outside.

Insist to get some help from your family members. Do not overwork unnecessarily. If needed, make yourself a cleaning plan in order to separate the amount of work in few days. You can also ask for cooperation form you girl friends or neighbour housewife for the cleaning and the of course you can return the favour. You will realize that the cleaning with a company is much easier and enjoyable.

We wish you good luck with the Eastern Cleaning!

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How to clean up your iron

Even the most experiences housewives may happen to leave their iron slightly neglected. It might be because in our everyday we are usually always in a hurry, or just because of some inattention. Even the steam irons, that are having a self-clean function, might get some dark staining on their plate. We can offer you few easy and useful tricks, in order to clean successfully the plates of your iron, without scratching or damaging it.

For stains that are dried and layered, and also form a hard character, you must heat the iron up to its highest temperature and then use it for ironing a piece of a newspaper. Sweep the iron until the iron gets clean.

If the stains are not that old, you can use an ammonia solution and a small piece of cloth. Wipe carefully the surface with the solution and once the stains are removed, you should rinse the surface with a clean cloth and water.

Vinegar is also a cheap and efficient way for cleaning metal surfaces, such as the iron plates. You can use the vinegar in order to replace the the usage of the ammonium. If this doesn’t give the desirable results, you can apply some backing soda on a cotton rag and scrub carefully with it. You should pay special attention on this cleaning technique, and to beware not damaging the iron by scratching the surface.

In order to clean the water tank, you can prepare a solution of equal parts vinegar and water. Pour it in to the tank and switch the iron on on a “steam mode”. Leave it function for about 3-4 minutes. The remaining liquid you can pour out. Before starting to use the iron as intended, pour in clean water and leave the steam work again for a few minutes, in order any vinegar leftovers to be cleaned and removed form the iron.

Last but not least, every experienced housewife must always read carefully the instructions, before starting to use the iron, as they are the best prevention against any stains and damages of the iron, and of course the adequate and correct usage of the iron will undoubtedly prolongs its life.

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Quick, efficient and cheap tips for a Spring Cleaning

Hey, girls, after the long winter the spring is almost by the door and no matter how exhausting and annoying it usually is, spring brings not only an enjoyment and new life, but also the need for a major cleaning project of your home to be undertaken.

Of course the spring cleaning is always related to majority of tasks, such as window cleaning, dusting, cleaning ledges and skirting boards, wiping all the cupboards and the top of the as well, washing all the tiles in the bathroom, polishing the sanitary ware. All this might seam like a nightmare to you, but there are some great tips, that will help you to make your home shine from top to bottom.

You can bring new life to your sleeping and decorative pillows!

All you need to do is to prepare them a nice bath with cool water and some gentle detergent. Then you must soak the pillows into the bath and step in yourself. You can wash them by treading them with your feet, same way you’ve probably seen on the TV, the young and beautiful vintages are treading juicy grapes, before leaving it ferment. This way washing of your pillow will become not only really effective, but also funny and you wouldn’t consider the spring cleaning as an annoying must.

Once the pillows are well washed, you can use the same technique to rinse them out, just this time the bath must be filled with clear warm water. Use your washing machine to centrifuge the pillows and to fasten the drying. After that you should leave them wither, preferably in the sun.

Maintain the windows and glass made surfaces

No matter where you live and how often you do clean and dust your home, usually it takes about a week time for the glassy surfaces to become dusty again. Layering of dust, puffs and other tiny particles on the glass can be if not prevented, at least reduced by adding a tea spoon fabric softener to 1 litre of warm water and wipe over the surfaces with a cloth per-sprayed with the received liquid. This will not only clean the surfaces, but will also reduce the static electricity, which will prevent the piling of dust and dirt.

Perfect cutlery

In order to bring back the shininess of your cutlery, you can put on a piece of a domestic cooking foil and a tea spoon of backing soda in a plastic basin or a bucket. Put the cutlery in in a way that every item must be in a contact with the foil. Purr in boiling water and wait for about 15 minutes.

After that take the cutlery out and rinse it. You could also polish if you consider it as needed.

Refreshing the gardening furniture

This cleaning trick actually refers to all of the plastic furniture, that are used on balconies, porches or gardens.

The answer for their perfect cleanness and whiteness is .. toothpaste!

Squeeze some whitening toothpaste on a brush and scrub hard. After that you must wipe the surface over with a soft piece of cloth.

Cleaning a chandelier

For the spring cleaning of your chandeliers, you would need some spectacles, piece of cloth for cleaning the dust (recommendable is to be a wool material), umbrella and a chair or a stepper. Always make sure that the electricity is switched off before starting with the cleaning. Apart form the equipment listed below you must make yourself available a sprayer bottle, filled with equal amount of vinegar and water; have on site also plastic bags and slings.
First you would need to wipe over the chandelier, as good as possible, preferably with woollen piece of cloth. Before you start with the cleaning you must cover all of the sockets with plastic bags and tight them up with a sling in order to avoid liquid to get into the electricity system and cause some damage in it. Hang the umbrella with the handle upsides for one of the parts of the chandelier. Then you can give a good spray to all the glass parts, with the previously prepared mixture of vinegar and water. The umbrella will prevent the dirty water to flow down to the floor.

Removing stains form the wall papers

In order to remove stains form your wallpapers, you can try to apply a very old and tested trick – to rub the paper with a piece of white bred. This will remove the light spots and also some of the other dirty patches that you have considered would never be possible to be removed.

How to amend scratches form a wooden table

Crack a nut and rub the kernel over the scratches – you will be amazes how the damages are disappearing right in front of your eyes. It will be a pure house hold magics that will give your wooden surfaces a renewed and shiny outlook.

How to remove the stubborn grace form your stove and microwave

Put in a bowl with half water and half lemon, to boil into the stove/ microwave. The lemon steam will moisturize the grease and will neutralize the smells. After that you can wipe the inside over with a moist piece of cloth.

Once all the steps of the cleaning are followed, you will be able to take a deep breath, sit and enjoy your freshly smelling, clean and neat spring home.

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Yard cleaning tips

During the long, cold winter, we prefer to stay in our warm and cozy house, so we often don’t pay attention to the yard. But with the beginning with the spring, we have the courage to go in the garden and we see the traces of the winter, which hasn’t gone unnoticed. If you want to completely eliminate these traces, you should carefully clean the yard and make some renovations. Let’s see the easiest way to do this.

Garden furniture is very sensitive to sunlight and moisture. That is why, after the influence of these factors, it may become grey.  Lichens on garden furniture can be removed with lemon juice or vinegar. However, recommended treatment for permanent protection of furniture is hardwood oil. Furniture made of soft wood such as pine, should first be brushed with a stiff brush.

To restore the previous luster of the rusty bars of the balcony, you should first clean the surface with a wire brush. Another recipe that also removes rust is the mixture hot water and lemon juice. But if you decide to use this method, keep in mind that the result is good, but won’t last very long. To fight rust in long term, you can apply an anticorrosive primer to rusted areas and then paint the bars with two coats of paint.

You should always treat the floor, bars and furniture with environmentally-friendly products, especially if you have small children.

If unwanted plants have appeared in your garden, the most effective way to get rid of them is to burn them. At first their number may increase slightly, but if you repeat the process several times, you will soon get rid of the problem.

Another problem in yards is the clutter there. So, you should reduce it. You need to think carefully before you keep an item, while cleaning the yard. The question that will help you throw the useless things is how often you use the item. If you rarely use it or don’t use it at all, either sell it or give it to someone else, who may need it. The less useless things around, the easier will be the process of cleaning.

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How to keep your room clean and tidy

If you, like most of the people, think that cleaning and tiding the room is an extremely boring task, which takes a lot from your free time, here are some tips for easier and quicker cleaning. Just follow the steps.

First, break habits that lead to filth. Get rid of the pile of newspapers and magazines, collecting dust in the corner. If you want to keep them, put them in a basket for magazines somewhere they can’t be seen by all.  Organize equipment and designated areas for electronics, DVDs, CD-s, etc.

Another rule is that you should limit decorations and other useless things that you keep on the side of your table or shelf equipment, to give your room a neat and well-organized look. If you have small children, keep a little basket of toys, but do not let this become the main playroom. Then, arrange the books in the library and leave some extra space for family photo albums.

The secret is hidden is the maintenance of the room. A little cleaning once a week will save you the big one at the end of the month. Regularly clean the dust which is accumulated on shelves, desk, table and other dusty surfaces. Then, don’t forget to vacuum and sweep the floor. Also, it is important to regularly wash the sheets and clean the windows.

Before you go to bed, take aside a few minutes to pick up any dirty clothing and make sure your room looks at least decent before you settle into bed.

We guarantee that these rules will be very helpful for the maintenance of your room. But if you still think that keeping it clean is an impossible task, even having in mind our tips, perhaps your system of organization needs an improvement. Sometimes rethinking the way you organize and store things can do wonders.


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