4 Cleaning tips that you’ve never heard before

How to clean our home quick, efficient and for less money

Listed below you would be able to find some of the easiest tips for maintaining your property in a spotless condition. They are at the same time easy, quick and no time consuming:

1. The best way to clean your blinds, if of course they are wooden or plastic , is to shut them closed and then to wipe them with dry cloth upside down and then back wards. This is how you will build up an antistatic barrier, that will prevent the dust of piling all over again. At least for some certain time period.

2. If you would like to clean glass vases, cups or mirrors, you should use a coffee filter, instead of a paper tissue or a towel. The coffee filter is at first place cheaper, and also it doesn’t leave any marks, streaks or the annoying lints to be cleaned.

3. Using a moist pumice, will help you clean quicker and easier the grease and grime form your oven, stove or microwave. This cleaning technique is much more effective than any detergent you would be able to find on the market.

4. In order to clean the microwave without the usage of the pumice, or any detergent, you can simply put a glass of water, mixed with baking soda into the microwave and turn in on on a time duration and temperature, that according to the specifics of your microwave will be sufficient for the water to start boiling. The soda is removing all kind of bad smells and after you have per-treated the inside of the microwave with this natural cleaning solution, it will appear to be much easier for you to remove the outstanding grime from your the walls and the top of your stove.

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